Tuesday, September 10, 2013


HUGE milestone, in my eyes to get to this point.  Do I know that things can happen and do happen later...well, of course I do.  But making it to twenty-four weeks, and hearing that term "Viability"...it gives me a little peace.

Last week was hard.  Bailey was born at 23 weeks on the dot.  So, hitting that milestone is an important one for us.  And Evyn didn't make it easy...she decided to take last week and go on a little break from being her normal wiggly self.  I think she was facing my back, so I couldn't really feel anything...but, oh man...it drove mommy nuts!  She got right back to normal on Friday and has been doing a pretty good job at keeping mommy sane since then!

I'm feeling pretty good...I don't know how many times I can say it...but I am SOOOOO ready for December!  We have officially set our C-section date for December 12th.  I think my Dr's hospital day is really supposed to change to Fridays by then, but she said she would do it on Thursday...there's just something about delivering on Friday the 13th that freaks me out.  I'm not really a superstitious kind of person, but let's not press our luck here, okay?!  :)

I'm battling allergies or maybe even a cold right now.  It's brutal.  I don't like how medicine makes me feel anyways when I can't breathe.  Add on not being able to breathe well from pregnancy, and you've got one miserable momma right now.  Then, tack on having to train a 2 day class for the next 2 days...oy. 

Cameron now says "sister" and every night she wants to tell sister night night.  It's so cute, and it warms my heart!  I just hope that she loves sister as much in December when she's no longer the only one getting attention!

In other Cameron news...my baby is turning 2 on Sunday!  How can that be?  I just can't believe that my baby girl is going to be two!  She's so much fun and has so much personality!  She's just the best!  And oh my...she is a little chatterbox!  As much as I can't stand the show "Family Guy", I always see the commercial where Stewie is saying "Mom, mom, mommy, mommy, mom" and it goes on and on....yeah....that's Cameron most days now.  Or we hear "Meeeee - Mou!" (which is Minnie Mouse for those of you who don't speak Cameron-ese) or "Jerry!".  No, she's not chanting for Jerry Springer...she LOVES watching Tom and Jerry! 

Here's a picture from Saturday that I took.  She, of course is sporting her OU gear!  And everytime I go to take a picture of her (with my phone or camera), she says "Cheeeeeeeese!".  LOVE her!


Brie said...

Yay for a set date! I'm opposite, I actually sked to be induced on Friday the 13th with Sal....great things have happened on Friday the 13th for me all my life, so, if by chance you must deliver the next day, I'll pass on my good luck to you that day (:

P.s. Cameron is a doll!

In My Heart said...

So glad thing are going well.

Oh! I just want to hug that chunky-bug. SO CUTE! And getting so big.

Time flies...It seems like yesterday my rainbow celebrated her 2nd Birthday...and now, she will be 19 yrs old in just a few weeks.