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Thursday, December 5, 2013

One More Week!

One week to go!  I'm sooooo ready!  My arms, wrists, and hands have started aching again pretty badly, which is making it hard to sleep at night.  I would rather have a cute little baby keeping me up as opposed to my aching arms!

We are finally packed and ready to go.  I need to pack a few outfits for Evyn and pick out some bows, but other than that, we are ready!  I even went and got my pedicure (high priorities here) on Tuesday, so even my toes are ready to go!

Now, the main concern is this weekend.  We are preparing for winter weather (snow, sleet, ice) here in Oklahoma.  Now, in normal circumstances, that's no concern to me.  However, you add on the fact that we live at the bottom of a huge hill, and I'm 36w2d that does concern me, because most of the time we can't get out of our addition when the weather gets bad, because we own 2 cars.  So, we've been worrying just a bit on the "what do we do if I happen to go into labor?". 

The answer...go buy a big thing of kitty litter to throw down...just in case!  Or, we'll call 911...whichever works best.

People have commented saying "People deliver at home all the time...".  Yeah...if you've ever met my husband...HA!  And I have 2-3 stitches keeping my cervix closed, and I think that might hurt just a smidge!

I'm counting down the last few days of work and am so excited and can't wait until she gets here!

One more more more week....I can do this.


In My Heart said...

Keeping ya'll in my thoughts and prayers.
Will be waiting for The Update.