Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bailey's Tree

In Minnesota, there is a wonderful angel mommy and daddy who unfortunately have experienced the most horrible experience anyone can experience...losing a child. It's the "club" neither of our families (or any family) wanted to join. After the passing of their precious Stevie Joy, they carved her name in a tree, and are now offering to other angel parents to carve their child's name in a tree in the forest behind their home. I came across Kristin's offering to do this on one of the boards we are apart of and requested for Bailey to have a tree.

The tree you see below is Bailey's tree. She will always have a spot in the "Angel Forest".

Kristin - If you read this...I cannot express in words the amount of gratitude I feel for the wonderful thing you and your husband are doing for us angel mommies and daddies. Stevie Joy has an amazing mommy and daddy!