Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Before Pictures and Stats

Here we go...pictures of the "before" just like I promised.  I by no means look super presentable, because these pictures were taken at 6:00 this morning...but, they will suffice.  This is all pre-TurboFire (which I started today!).

My Stats as of 11/15/2011:

Weight (according to last WW weigh-in on 11/9/11):  201.2
Arms:  15 inches (both)
Chest:  42 3/4 inches
Waist:  43 3/4 inches
Hips:  47 inches
Thighs:  27 inches (both)

In one week and then again in one month, I will re-take measurements and see how I am doing.  Hopefully I will see some progress!  I did my first TurboFire workout this morning (Fire 30/Stretch 10) and I enjoyed it!  Very fast paced!  Just need to keep up my motivation!


Brittany @ IttyBitsofBalance said...

I'm so excited to see how you do, Danae! Best of luck :)

Drew's Parents said...

Cheering you on! :-) I can't wait to meet tomorrow!