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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Almost to 30!

Tuesday will be 30 weeks!  Hooray!

Can I tell you how exhausted I am?  Evyn is big (just like Cameron was) and this belly is wearing me out!  Well, the belly, lack of sleep, and a VERY active 2 year old!

We saw our high risk doctor on Friday and found out that Evyn is measuring about 2 weeks ahead...we kind of knew that because my Dr's office did regular measurements at my appointment last Monday, and she told me that my belly was measuring 32 weeks.

Yeesh...we just like to grow them big!

Really though...I am flat exhausted.  I just don't seem to get enough sleep at night (due to uncomfortableness, thirst, and then needing to take a potty break about every 2 hours).  The plus is that I am still able to sleep in bed.  I was already sleeping on the couch (and had been for weeks) by this point when I was pregnant with Cameron.  The goal is to actually make it to the end in bed...that's the goal.

Not much else to report this way.  I do plan to take a 30 week picture on Tuesday, and that will get posted at some point.  I haven't been taking as many preggo pics this time around.  Partly because I'm bigger this time around (weight wise)...not sure why.

Bedtime has approached for this momma!  Cameron was on nap strike today which meant no rest for anyone else around here!