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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thankgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends and family!  No matter where you are on your journey, I wish a peaceful time for you and your families.

It's amazing the difference one year can make.  Last year, I remember starting the month of November wishing I could crawl in a hole and sleep away the next two months.  It's no secret to anyone that I was NOT excited about the holidays.  I was so bitter and angry in my grief that we didn't even decorate for Christmas last year.  The only thing we did was buy a small pink tree (that we settled on because we couldn't find one that we loved) that sat on the kitchen table in Bailey's honor. 

Now, this year, I am so thankful because we have Cameron, our precious rainbow who has brought so much joy into our lives.  She has helped heal part of the gaping wide hole that used to be there.  Although that hole is still there, it is not as huge as it once was, and she has done a fine job at bandaging it.  This year, I actually am looking forward to the holidays.  This year, we are going to decorate for Christmas.  We bought a new pink tree (a bigger one) that will still be in Bailey's honor, but it will be for both of our girls.

Hanging out in her high chair at Grammy & Paw-Paws on her first Thanksgiving.  She's thoroughly impressed...

Today, we took Cameron to the cemetery for the first time.  We could not spend the holiday and not go visit Bailey's spot.  And since it was Cameron's first time there, we took a family picture.

Our little family...always missing one special little girl


Monday, November 21, 2011

Road Trip to Ft. Smith!

This past weekend, we took Cameron on her first major road trip (that wasn't to Grammy & Paw-Paw's house).  We went to Ft. Smith, Arkansas to meet Allison, Josh, and a Genevieve!  Allison is one of the first BLMs I connected with and we talked about meeting back when Cameron and Genevieve were just the rainbow babies we dreamed of someday having.  For this trip to finally happen was fantastic! 

This was Cameron's first trip out of state (except for the trip to Texas when she was still hanging out in mommy's belly) and her first stay at a hotel!  She did very well!

Now...let the photo bomb begin!

Cameron chilling in the hotel bed...she's impressed...can't you tell?

Mommy & Cameron posing for a photo-op in the hotel room!

Allison & Cameron

Me & Genevieve

From L to R:  Adam, Me, Cameron, Allison, Genevieve, and Josh
A HUGE thanks to the stranger at breakfast who took pictures for us!

At the Arkansas Welcome Center

Adam was sweet enough to drive BACK into Arkansas once we got to I-40.  I was disappointed that we couldn't get a picture at the state line Arkansas sign as we were leaving Ft. Smith, because of it's location.  So, when Adam saw a billboard listing the Welcome Center as 8.1 miles east on I-40, he took us back into Arkansas so we could get a picture with a sign...all for documentation of Cameron's out-of-state trip!  He's so sweet!

I am so glad we were able to take this trip, and that we were finally able to meet Allison and her wonderful family!  We hope to be able to do this maybe once a year and watch these sweet rainbow babies grow up together!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Before Pictures and Stats

Here we of the "before" just like I promised.  I by no means look super presentable, because these pictures were taken at 6:00 this morning...but, they will suffice.  This is all pre-TurboFire (which I started today!).

My Stats as of 11/15/2011:

Weight (according to last WW weigh-in on 11/9/11):  201.2
Arms:  15 inches (both)
Chest:  42 3/4 inches
Waist:  43 3/4 inches
Hips:  47 inches
Thighs:  27 inches (both)

In one week and then again in one month, I will re-take measurements and see how I am doing.  Hopefully I will see some progress!  I did my first TurboFire workout this morning (Fire 30/Stretch 10) and I enjoyed it!  Very fast paced!  Just need to keep up my motivation!

Not Happening...

I give up. I obviously cannot post every day for the month of November. I tried, and I keep forgetting.

I will be posting later, but I just thought I would put it out there that I cannot seem to do this post every day thing.

Epic. Fail.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Days 10 & 11 of Thanks & TurboFire

Of course...I missed another day. Honestly, I was going to do it last night, but then it turned into a nightmare night at my house. We either are still battling colic or Cameron was just upset because of her snotty nose...I don't know which to attribute the 3 hour screamfest at our house to...but it's one or the other. But, there was definitely NO pleasing this little girl last night!

Day 10 of Thanks: I am thankful for the nice weather we have been having. We are having lovely fall weather and have actually had rain. Oklahoma weather this summer was 70+ days of 100+ temps and very little rain. So, to have 50-60 degree temperatures is wonderful!

Day 11 of Thanks: Two things (one more as humorous and one serious): I am thankful for the 6 1/2 hours of sleep (straight through) that I got last night. After the 3 hour screamfest, Cameron was FINALLY done and slept like a rockstar last night! She went to sleep at about 10:30 last night, and she slept until a little after 5 this morning. It was so nice to get some straight through sleep (although, I was up at 4 because my hips and back were hurting and I had to pee horribly bad).

I am also thankful for all of the people who have, are, or will be serving in the Armed Forces. It is because of all of these people who are sacrificing so much that we have the privilege of enjoying the freedoms that we have. To all of you, THANK YOU!

TurboFire: I just ordered TurboFire (actually won an Ebay auction) and I expect it to be in next week. I need something I am going to enjoy doing at home, because until I go back to work, going to the gym is a little more difficult than I anticipated. So, I ordered TurboFire with the hopes that it will help me (along with Weight Watchers) at kicking some of this weight in the next 4 weeks (3 by the time I get it) before going back to work. I am very limited on clothing choices at this point, and I actually don't know that I will have enough clothes to get me through an entire work week when I go back, and maternity clothes are not an option, because everything I have is summer clothes.

I'll keep you posted how this goes too!

Have any of my readers tried TurboFire? How did you like it? Did it work for you?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 9 of Thanks, Sick Girl, and WW Update

Day 9 of Thanks: Today, I am thankful for cold medicine, but am sad that I can't give my sweet girl anything. She doesn't feel good and is so congested. She sneezes and the poor thing just sneezes masses of snot. Poor girl just rattles when she breathes. I just feel bad for her. Hopefully she will feel better soon.

She slept most of the day in her swing, and I had her Boppy laying on the ground. As I was getting ready to work out this morning, I walked by, and this is what I found:

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Desmond likes Cameron's Boppy!

Weight Watchers Weekly Update: I lost 1.2 pounds this week for a total of 4.8 pounds since I started. It's going much slower this time around, but it's because I haven't been on track and haven't been in the gym near what I was last time. Getting there...slowly but surely!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 8 of Thanks & Pinterest

Day 8 of Thanks: Today, I am thankful for my friends. Both real life (meaning I have actually met you in person) and my online friends. There are many people who I have never met face to face, but I consider close friends. I have pretty spectacular friends who have been there for me in good times and in bad, and I am so appreciative of all of you! You all are pretty fabulous!

Pinterest: I am so incredibly hooked on Pinterest. I have found myself wasting many hours on it. I knew there was a reason I avoided it up until now...and that reason would be because I knew I would spend way to much time on there! I am finding different workout regimens, different recipes, and all sorts of craft ideas! I can't wait to actually work on some of them and give some things a try! Maybe I will even post some of the "tries" on here! We'll see how it goes!

I did try the 10-10-10 Quick Interval work-out that I found on Itty Bits of Balance. It kicked my tail, but it was a GREAT workout! I found her website/blog through Pinterest and I am hooked!

Until tomorrow my readers!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Days of Thanks: 4-7

I've already gotten behind and didn't blog every day in November like I had intended...oops! This weekend was a busy one and we spent Friday through Sunday at my parent's house, and Adam has been sick, so it has essentially been just me on Cameron, this mommy is rather tired.

So, here I am going to try to get caught up on my Days of Thanks!

Day 4: I am thankful for our parents. They all have been there for us always. They are a wealth of knowledge and support. We are incredibly fortunate that our parents are all still married to each other and we hope to be as incredibly blessed.

Day 5: I am thankful for my job. I am incredibly fortunate to be able to take 12 weeks of to spend at home with Cameron, and then even more fortunate to go back to a job that I enjoy. In this economy, I am so grateful that can have both.

Day 6: I am thankful for my house. It's more than just a's our home. We happened to stumble across it 2 years ago, and it was just what we were looking for. We have experienced a lot of firsts in this house, and I am so grateful we have it.

Day 7: I am thankful for my family. I am incredibly fortunate to have grown up in a large family, and I got to grow up with all of my cousins. Yesterday, as we celebrated my mamaw's 80th birthday and I got to see many family members I haven't seen in years, I was reminded at how lucky I am!

Hopefully I don't get behind again.

Weight Watchers update: I didn't track this weekend, and I didn't get to work out...weigh in this week is looking very grim.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3 of Thanks & Music Question

Day 3 of Thanks:

I am thankful for my mamaw. Today is her 80th birthday and I am so thankful that I have gotten to spend all 28 years of my life knowing her, and I hope that I have many more years to enjoy. She is the only surviving grandparent I have left on my side of the family. Happy Birthday to my wonderful mamaw!

NaBloPoMo Question Day 3: Can you listen to music and write? What song did you hear today?

I can listen to music and write. I listen to music all day on my ipod when I am working. I haven't really listened to the radio today since I haven't driven anywhere, but I was watching Pop Up Video on VH1 and listened to Katy Perry's "Firework" and that's the only one I can

Weight Watchers Weigh-in Update (weigh-in 11/2/11): I lost 1.8 pounds this week! I have stayed within points range for the last 2 days, and I did Zumba last night.

"Before" picture will not be for a few days, because my face has chemical burn on it from the facial cleanser I started using. Since I'm no longer pregnant, my face is broken out like a teenager going through puberty...I started using Clean and Clear facial stuff and it has chemical burned my face, and it HURTS! Guess I need to find something else to try.

Until tomorrrow....Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 2 of Thanks and Weight Watchers

I didn't like the question for NaBloPoMo for today "If you knew the next meal you would eat would be your last, what would you choose?" or something along those lines...So, I am going to move on to Day 2 of Thanks.

Day 2 of Thanks:

I am thankful for my amazing husband. We met while working at McDonald's and started dating in October 1999 and have been together ever since. He became my husband on June 4, 2005. I am a better person because of him. He makes me want to be better. He is an amazing daddy and he has given me 2 beautiful girls. I love him with all of my heart, and I look forward to what the rest of our lives have in store for us.

And my 2nd topic for today: Weight Watchers I'm outing myself, because I need to say it out loud and get some accountability. I have joined Weight Watchers again. I had gotten down to 154 pounds and then I found out I was pregnant with Cameron. I gained 72 pounds (yes, you read that right) while pregnant (I just did the math) and got up to 226 pounds. This is STILL not the heaviest I have ever been...when I joined WW in September 2009, I weighed in at 232.2 pounds. Since having Cameron, I have lost 22 pounds. I still weigh 204.2 pounds. I HAVE to get this weight off. I am embarrassed by how much I weigh still and I need to get some of it off before going back to work, because I am going to be very limited on what I have to wear.

So, I pledge it here again...I WILL get this weight off. I want to be the best mom I can be...I want to be a fun, fit, and active mom. So, I commit to doing the best I can every week. I will try to update here what I have lost each week (weigh-in day is on Wednesdays, so I will update either on Wednesdays or Thursdays)...please encourage me or maybe even yell at me if I have a bad me some tough love baby! :) Keep an eye out...I'll post a "before" picture sometime within the week...I just have to get Adam to take one of me.

Thanks for your love and support!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaBloPoMo & 30 Days of Thanks

I am going to combine 2 things over the next month. November is National Blog Posting Month and also with it being November, I am going to include in every days post a reason why I am thankful.

NaBloPoMo 2011

NaBloPoMo Topic Day 1: What is your favorite part of writing?

My favorite part of writing (on this blog particularly) is because it lets me express feelings that I probably wouldn't say out least not to most people. It lets me talk about Bailey and Cameron without fear. It's my shield...I don't have to see people's faces when I talk about things that make them uncomfortable. It lets me be just me. I can vent when I am upset, write when I'm sad, celebrate the good things...I can write about it all.

Sharing here allows people to get to know me better. Whether it is that you've known me your entire life or we just met in the last 18 get to learn more about me.

30 Days of Thanks: Day 1

Note: These 30 Days of Thanks are in no particular order.

Today, I am thankful for my 2 beautiful daughters. They both have taught me a lot about myself. Bailey has taught me that I am stronger than I ever thought I was. She has taught me to love unconditionally. In the short time she was with us, she taught me so many things. I can't even verbalize it all.

Cameron has taught me what it is like to be a mom to a child on Earth. She has taught me about patience. She has taught me how to function when completely sleep deprived (haha...just a joke)...She teaches me something new every day.

Stay tuned as I continue through November...and feel free to join me with either NaBloPoMo or 30 Days of Thanks! If you do decide to join me, please comment and let me know!