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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 8 of Thanks & Pinterest

Day 8 of Thanks: Today, I am thankful for my friends. Both real life (meaning I have actually met you in person) and my online friends. There are many people who I have never met face to face, but I consider close friends. I have pretty spectacular friends who have been there for me in good times and in bad, and I am so appreciative of all of you! You all are pretty fabulous!

Pinterest: I am so incredibly hooked on Pinterest. I have found myself wasting many hours on it. I knew there was a reason I avoided it up until now...and that reason would be because I knew I would spend way to much time on there! I am finding different workout regimens, different recipes, and all sorts of craft ideas! I can't wait to actually work on some of them and give some things a try! Maybe I will even post some of the "tries" on here! We'll see how it goes!

I did try the 10-10-10 Quick Interval work-out that I found on Itty Bits of Balance. It kicked my tail, but it was a GREAT workout! I found her website/blog through Pinterest and I am hooked!

Until tomorrow my readers!


Elaine said...

I'm hooked too! I just started stalking you on there. I love the workout suggestions and told hubby we're both trying the pyramid on Sunday (100 jumping jacks, 90 crunches, etc). I have to burn off this halloween candy!
I am thankful that you've shared Bailey with us, and now Cameron.