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Sunday, June 30, 2013

First Trimester Wrap-Up

This past week has been a big one...well, eventful...lots going on to keep me busy at work, Dr.'s appointment, and a trimester changer. 

Well, God willing, this is the last time I say goodbye to the first trimester.  As I've said long as Baby E comes home with us as we intend, this is it for this mommy pregnancy wise. 

I am never really sure when to call the first trimester done.  My Doctor's office says 12 weeks, some of my apps say 13 weeks, and others say 14 weeks.  So, being as I am 13w5d, I am saying it's done!  It really is bittersweet to know this is it.  But, the days of na├»ve and carefree pregnancy is over...stress and worry is what, it's for the best.

I took my first belly shot with Cameron when I hit 14 weeks...I don't know that I am going to do that this time...I think right now that I just look like I've gained weight in my mid-section!  So, I guess we'll see how "good" I feel about how the belly looks on Tuesday when I hit 14 weeks officially.

My cerclage is in less than a week and it can't come soon enough!  I'm so ready for it and to feel a little bit "safer".  Of course, safe to me won't be until we are leaving the hospital with a little chunky girl or boy in the carseat. will help me breathe a little bit easier until then.

We took Cameron to my Dr.'s appointment this past week...she was a BEAR!  And she was NOT impressed.  Poor girl immediately started crying when we started walking back to go to a room.  All we could figure out is that every time we have been to the Dr., it's been for her and she has gotten a shot.  Dr. = Shots & Pain to she wasn't having any of it.  Then she kind of freaked out when they turned the light off to do a quick sono.  They did that instead of trying to chase baby around with the Doppler.  Overall...Cameron was NOT impressed.  However, she did ham it up with everything in the waiting room...she was a BIG hit!  lol!

Also found out this week that my P17 shot is not covered by insurance.  So far, my insurance hasn't covered my 1st trimester progesterone that I took up until week 10 and they aren't going to cover my Hydroxyprogesterone that I have to take for 20 weeks.  FANTASTIC!  I'm just frustrated because both were covered last time.  So, instead of it being $55/vial like it was last's $115/vial.  Not horrible, because it could be worse, but sheesh!  Fortunately, 5 shots come in 1 vial, so altogether, I will be paying $460.  That's still a lot of money.  But to bring this baby will be priceless.

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Humor of My Day

Since finding out that Baby E is on the way, I've been talking about trying to breastfeed/pump this time around.  Cameron was formula fed, and honestly, I am one of those parents who is perfectly fine with my kid(s) being a formula fed child.  I was formula fed and so was my husband.  I like to think that we are well adjusted, healthy, and intelligent people.  Breastfeeding hasn't been something that has really appealed to me (for my own reasons...I know, breast is best...personal decision), but I know that budget wise, it would help greatly to not have to buy a can of formula every week.  Or multiple cans in the midst of trying to figure out which formula is going to work best for us.

While looking into breast pumps, I cringe at the prices, and ventured to looking on Craigslist.  I know that sounds weird, but I did.  But then, some women on a board I am a part of who all have September 2011 babies, they told me that some insurance companies cover breast pumps.  So, I thought I would look into it. 

While looking online at our insurance provider, I found that ours does indeed cover pumps 100%!  SCORE!  No Craigslist breast pump for this mommy (yes, I was seriously considering buying a lightly used one...don't judge me)!  I couldn't find the info on the providers or what we needed to do to get one, so I gave Adam an the insurance company and ask questions.  Now, I know he has plenty of time to complete his assignment, but it absolutely drives me crazy when he waits!  I'm an instant gratification kind of girl...I want results!  You would think I would just start doing things myself, but nope!  :)

So, after 3 days, he FINALLY calls the insurance company.  He asks a few questions and then calls me at work.  He tells me that they confirmed they do cover pumps 100% and they told him that we have to get it from an approved provider (basically a medical supply store), and I have to have a prescription written from my Dr. (which I think is a little on the weird side...).  He however did forget to ask if the 100% coverage is only for a certain amount, certain type, etc.  I also wanted him to ask about breastfeeding supplies, like bags.  Do they cover any of that stuff?

So, he calls back.  When he calls the insurance company back, he gets another woman.  As he is asking the questions I've given him, the woman tells him "now, we only cover these for women"...No, really?!  We hadn't thought of that!  LOL!  He didn't know what to say to response probably would have been some smartass remark (shocker!).  When he told me this I started cracking up laughing!  Like, leaned back in my chair, whole heartedly laughing!  Funniest freaking thing I had heard all day!

I'm telling the girls I work with about this and tell them the comment that the woman said, and someone says "What would Adam do with a breast pump?.........NEVERMIND, I don't want to think about that!".  Again, hilarious! 

So, now I get to talk to my Doctor on Wednesday when I see her and get this prescription written (along with a note for work to send to benefits that says I'm pregnant).  I know I'm not quite 13 weeks, but I would like to at least know what options I have, do my research, and go from there...because let's face it...I know squat about pumps.  Up until about a week ago, I didn't know what the difference between an open and closed system.

Did /Do you pump?  What kind of pump do you have/use?  Do you like it and would you recommend it?

On a side note...I'm getting more of the "I didn't know you're pregnant!" comments.  But, at the same time, the "Wow, you have lost weight and are looking great!" comments have stopped.  Since I'm at this awkward inbetween stage...I wonder how many people right now think I'm just gaining weight...:P  I'm ready to fast forward a few weeks and it actually be noticeable that I'm pregnant and not just adding fluff".

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Back in Arkansas

Back in Arkansas again this week for another meeting.  Hoping that tonight and tomorrow do not yield same results as last week.  I need a calm and peaceful evening.  :). So, tonight consisted of some Five Guys for dinner and hanging out in my hotel room watching Titanic on AMC.  I am sooooo exciting, huh?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Post-Surprise Announcement thru 12 weeks

I'm such a horrible blogger anymore.  And I have no excuse why!  Well, maybe it has to be 1st trimester exhaustion and an every moving 21 month old?  Nahhh....that can't be it.  My other blogging friends find time for it!

Well, since I let the cat out of bag...what's been happening?  In no particular order....

Today marks 11w6d, so we have ALMOST made it out of the first trimester...woo hoo!  I made it through my first round of progesterone shots...Adam is soooooo glad to be done with those!  We've seen my MFM twice so far and gotten my cerclage scheduled (more to come on that).  I've traveled out of state and freaked the crap out while I was gone...and probably more!

My first appointment with my MFM on June 7th was an interesting one!  We got there for a 3:40 appointment and was finally called back.  As the nurse took me to get my vitals, my Dr. said "You know what's funny?" and my response was "It feels like you just saw us yesterday"?  He then said something that I didn't quite understand, he repeated himself, and the nurse asked me "Do you blog?".  I said yes, and then my Dr. told me that he had just come across my blog that morning!  He was looking for reviews and searched his name and cerclage, and he came across my post about my cerclage I had with Cameron!  He remembered Bailey's name, he said that as he was going through posts, he was seeing pictures and he was saying "I remember her.  I recognize her husband too!" and then lo and behold, here we come mozying in that afternoon!  The nurse told me "We've been talking about you all day and you didn't even know it!". 

My first ultrasound with his office showed a bouncing baby.  It was too early to do NT scan, but with this scan, Dr. Mirabile took a guess at what Baby E is going to be...he thinks a girl!  Now, my calculations that worked with both Bailey and Cameron says I'm sticking with it, but even after our NT scan today, we saw a baby with it's legs crossed and I saw NOTHING that indicated a little boy.  Still so early though!

We talked about reviews usually being about the wait time.  Yes, their office wait time is long, but like I told long as he gets me to the end and we get a healthy baby to take home...I don't care how long I have to wait to be seen.  When you go through something like what have, the wait in minor in the grand scheme of it all.

We scheduled my cerclage for July 6th @ 10:00 a.m.  I'll be 14w4d...and I was kind of freaking out (okay, no kind of...I was freaking out after the pains of last week), especially after a physical check of my cervix yielded comments of "closed" (yay!), firm (yay!), but stubby (wtf?!).  Stubby?  STUBBY?  Yikes.

Baby E's profile on 6/7/13 - 10w3d

Fast forward to Tuesday/Wednesday of last week.  I had to go to Rogers/Bentonville, Arkansas for a meeting for work.  It was an overnight trip.  I went with a group and after we got there, we went to dinner.  Ate at an Italian restaurant called Carrabas.  I had chicken fettucine alfredo.  It was delicious when I ate 1:30 a.m. though, I regretted it. 

After tire hell (we had a huge knot on one tire and ended up at Wal-Mart at 8:30 at night to get a new one) and finally getting back to the hotel, I went to bed while watching Nick at Nite (The Nanny).  At 1:30 a.m., I woke up for a dead sleep with the worst pain ever in my stomach.  Praying with all my might, I was praying it was gas...passed a little gas...oh, sweet relief.  Five minutes later though, pain again.  Again passed gas...relief!  Again, five minutes later...more pain.  I was having flashbacks to waking up in the middle of the night in 2010...on April 30th, 2010, thinking it was gas pains, and then realizing on the way to the hospital that I was having contractions.  And here I am, sitting in room 522 of the Holiday Inn about to flip out because:  1.  I'm cramping and hurting.  2.  I'm in freaking Arkansas!  3.  I have no car, because I rode with others.  And I had no idea what I was going to do.  Then I felt it...the gurgling in my belly and the worst urge to throw up I think I've ever had.  I got up, ate a couple of Tums (knowing that one of two things was going to happen...either I would throw up or my stomach would start to settle), sat in the floor of that white tiled bathroom and waited.  Once I finally felt better (belly settled...I didn't throw up...just in case you were wondering...), I went back to bed, and started dozing and then felt another pang...I looked at the clock and had I felt better, I would have done a happy dance had I felt a little had been 20 minutes since the last pain!  It really was gas!  Hooray!  LOL!

But, the Arkansas drama doesn't end there.  I get up and go to my meeting on Wednesday, and about halfway through the meeting, I start hurting...down there.  The best analogy I could come up with to explain it to my Dr's felt like the inside of my nether-regions was a bag of potato chips...and someone REALLY wanted that bag open.  That's what I would equate it to.  And it was not cool.  This prompted a phone call to my Dr.'s office after the meeting was over, and they worked me in on Thursday.  I love their office.  They know I'm a worrying freak and they tolerate it.  They deserve something...something good! 

Thursday's work-in appointment resulted in a cervix check (firm, rock hard, and yes stubby, but she said it could be from all the procedures I've had).  Check for infection, and no infection found.  They did a sono while I was there with their portable machine.  Sono showed a baby using my uterus as it's own personal moon bounce (it looked like a pinball machine going on in there) and a baby playing with it's umbilical cord.  Silly kid.  If this baby is as active once it's bigger as it is now...I won't have to worry about having a lazy baby like Cameron was while in utero.

NT scan today showed low chances for Downs, just waiting on the blood work to come back.  Cerclage is scheduled for July 6th, so now we wait.  I don't go back to the MFM's office until August 5th for another ultrasound...I'll be about 18 weeks (I think...I calculated it earlier, but I forget, and I'm too lazy to recalculate).  Little concerned because we NEVER went that far in between appointments with Cameron.  It's just weird to me.  I'm ready to get stitched up though.  I think that will help alleviate a little of the anxiety. 

Baby E says "I'm looking at YOU!".  6/17/2013 - 11w6d

Thank goodness for Cameron.  She keeps me busy enough most of the time that I don't have time to think about everything going on.  When I can't think about it, I'm okay.  It's those times I have time to think...oh, sheesh.

I'll try to do better to update more often!  I've said that before, huh?  I really will try!