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Sunday, June 30, 2013

First Trimester Wrap-Up

This past week has been a big one...well, eventful...lots going on to keep me busy at work, Dr.'s appointment, and a trimester changer. 

Well, God willing, this is the last time I say goodbye to the first trimester.  As I've said long as Baby E comes home with us as we intend, this is it for this mommy pregnancy wise. 

I am never really sure when to call the first trimester done.  My Doctor's office says 12 weeks, some of my apps say 13 weeks, and others say 14 weeks.  So, being as I am 13w5d, I am saying it's done!  It really is bittersweet to know this is it.  But, the days of naïve and carefree pregnancy is over...stress and worry is what, it's for the best.

I took my first belly shot with Cameron when I hit 14 weeks...I don't know that I am going to do that this time...I think right now that I just look like I've gained weight in my mid-section!  So, I guess we'll see how "good" I feel about how the belly looks on Tuesday when I hit 14 weeks officially.

My cerclage is in less than a week and it can't come soon enough!  I'm so ready for it and to feel a little bit "safer".  Of course, safe to me won't be until we are leaving the hospital with a little chunky girl or boy in the carseat. will help me breathe a little bit easier until then.

We took Cameron to my Dr.'s appointment this past week...she was a BEAR!  And she was NOT impressed.  Poor girl immediately started crying when we started walking back to go to a room.  All we could figure out is that every time we have been to the Dr., it's been for her and she has gotten a shot.  Dr. = Shots & Pain to she wasn't having any of it.  Then she kind of freaked out when they turned the light off to do a quick sono.  They did that instead of trying to chase baby around with the Doppler.  Overall...Cameron was NOT impressed.  However, she did ham it up with everything in the waiting room...she was a BIG hit!  lol!

Also found out this week that my P17 shot is not covered by insurance.  So far, my insurance hasn't covered my 1st trimester progesterone that I took up until week 10 and they aren't going to cover my Hydroxyprogesterone that I have to take for 20 weeks.  FANTASTIC!  I'm just frustrated because both were covered last time.  So, instead of it being $55/vial like it was last's $115/vial.  Not horrible, because it could be worse, but sheesh!  Fortunately, 5 shots come in 1 vial, so altogether, I will be paying $460.  That's still a lot of money.  But to bring this baby will be priceless.


Jenn said...

I just found your blog and wanted to stop in and say how sorry I am for your loss. I wish you the very best of a boring and uncomplicated pregnancy. All the very best to you. I look forward to following your blog.