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Friday, July 5, 2013

Slightly Frustrated

Tomorrow is "supposed" to be my cerclage.  I say "supposed to be" because I haven't heard a thing from either the hospital or my MFM's office regarding it.  Last time, the hospital called and told me "nothing to eat or drink after whatever time".  They also told me to be there at 5:00 a.m. to check in on the 6th floor.

I got that basic information from my MFM's office when the appointment was scheduled almost a month ago.  Lucky them that I remember crap like that and I still have the card with all of the information on it (check in at 8:00 - 6th floor)...but, I mean really?  Nothing?

I'm really expecting to get there tomorrow and for someone to say "We don't show you are scheduled for anything today".  And I'm really afraid that I might flip my stuff on them if that happens...

I REALLY hope we get there tomorrow and I am wrong.  I hope all is right, all is scheduled, and everything goes according to plan.  And if it's not...I feel really sorry for whoever has to deal with this pregnant, hormonal mess of human being who would also be known as me.


Brie said...

That sucks. Can you call the hospital or surgery center to confirm you are scheduled? I used to be a surgical coordinator and never minded patients double checking. They should have someone answering no matter what the time is. I hope you get it done tomorrow.