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Friday, July 19, 2013

Better? and Upcoming Reveal!

Just a quick update after my "Hot Mess" post. 

I'm completely better...have some other issues going on, but nothing serious. 

Adam is also doing better for the time being.  He had a colonoscopy done (thanks to some friends and family of friends who were able to get him in to have it done in less than 24 hours!) and they found nothing wrong up in there.  They put him on another antibiotic to hopefully get rid of this for good.  So far, it's working, however, what I don't know if it is REALLY fixing the issue or just masking it like what happened last time.  He finishes his antibiotics on Sunday, so by mid-week next week, I assume we will know.

Tomorrow, we are having our gender reveal party!  I had to go to MFM's office on Wednesday for the above issues, and they were able to get the gender!  So, instead of doing reveal next weekend, we are doing it this weekend.  At this point in time as I write, Adam is the only person who knows what Baby E is!

I took a poll on Facebook last night from friends and family, and so far 23 people think that baby is a boy and 15 think E is a girl!  If you aren't friends with me on Facebook, what do you think Baby E is?  I'll post tomorrow or Sunday once we know for sure!


Rutie said...

Hi! my name is Rutie and I have read your whole blog with fascination:) i am 15w6d pregnant with our third after experiencing a loss in Jan this yr due to IC..:( I too have a cerclage, and i'm on bedrest (hence lots of spare time to read blogs:) and I'm also 28:) looking forward to reading about your pregnancy as it progresses and wish you lots of luck for the rest!