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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Adoption Update

First off - I will post that I understand if you don't want to read about us going through the adoption process.  This blog was always intended to be our journey through parenthood, and when Bailey died, it more became her space.  So, question to my followers...should I leave this as Bailey's space, and start a new one for our future children?  Or continue with the original plan of it being for "Our Jouney to Bailey and Beyond"?

Adoption Update:

We are in "full-steam ahead" mode with the adoption process.  We have actually made another big decision.  We have decided we are going to pursue international adoption and adopt from Korea.  I am half-Korean, with my mom being full blood Korean.  We should get our referral quicker since I am of Korean heritage.  We receive the referral about 3-6 months after we complete our applications, and once we accept our referral, we have to wait on travel.  Travel wait time is estimated at 8-12 months.  We will travel to Seoul, South Korea for about a week and when we come home, our baby will be 14-18 months old.  I am excited about the travel, because I think my parents will go with us, which will be something special for my mom, because she was born in Seoul, and hasn't been back since she was adopted at 6 years old. 

One of Korea's stipulations with adopting is you cannot be more than 30% overweight.  For the first time in years, I qualify and meet this criteria.  Adam however does not...but not by much.  So, we are on Operation:  Lose the Weight!.  Adam has about 10 pounds he needs to lose before we can even apply with this organization.

The agency requires the following though (and I am not 100% sure if it's the agency or the Korea program):  We can't be pursuing infertility treatment and actually recommend preventing, because if I get pregnant our adoption will be put on hold.  The other is we can't be pursuing adoption through another agency.

We can do it though...after 4 years of infertility and 3 1/2 years of infertility treatments...maybe it's time for a small break and see where this road takes us?


BuzimommiE said...

I recommend keeping the one blog. I could list so many reasons why, but then i would be rambling, but I really think it's a good idea to stick to this the title suggests. I know that when our rainbow is on the way I will keep just the one blog.
I am so excited for you guys and the impending adoption! And your weight loss! That is crazy awesome and I am so proud of you for working so hard! Way to go. I can't wait to see the amazing things your future holds!

Dana said...

I am on the fence. I started a new one when I got pregnant again because I wanted a place that was just Jacob's and because I didn't want other BLM to stop reading (and commenting) on my blog because it was too hard for them to read about pregnancy. Now that we lost Cub, I have trouble knowing which blog to update. Most of my grief is for Jacob, but it is worse lately because of Cub. So where do I write about it?

I think that the title of your blog encompasses Bailey and your future life. My title was just about Jacob. I would lean towards keeping one blog. Although this blog started out as a place for Bailey, she will always be a part of your family, so it might as well be your family blog.

I am so excited for you! I am hoping and praying that the adoption process goes smoothly and you have a baby in your arms quickly.

Angela said...

I vote for sticking with one blog. I think the title encompasses everything you have been through and what is coming up.

I am happy to hear that you are moving forward with your plans to adopt. I hope everything goes smoothly.

Allison said...

I agree with the others about your blog. The title indicates that this space is about your journey to becoming a mother, to Bailey as well as her siblings.
I will be anxious to read more about the adoption process. I am so excited for you and Adam. I hope that the next several months go as smoothly and as quickly as possible and that you have your baby with you very soon. I will be sending my prayers and best wishes your way! Love to you always!

Amanda said...

I vote for keeping this blog. Life is one long journey and I think it all just flows together. Your past influences your future so the past should be present on your blog too. Too existential?!

Good luck with the adoption. It sounds like an interesting process and I'm curious to see how it progresses.

Anonymous said...

How exciting. It gave me chills to read this! I think it is fine to talk about the future on Bailey's blog...after all it is Bailey and Beyond.

Violet1122 said...

I remember having to decide about 1 blog or 2. In the end, I just kept one blog - which was easier for me, but I know talking about future babies and children was a big turn off (and it hurt feelings) for babyloss moms. The title of your blog implies about your life after losing Bailey - so maybe you should just continue this blog? Only you can decide what is right.

I am really excited to read about your adoption journey. Some of the most beautiful stories I have ever read were adoption stories! I know it can be a long and difficult journey - I'm praying your arms are full with a baby soon!

Priscilla said...

I would vote for sticking to one blog. I had my blog before we lost Olivia, and then when she passed away, I changed the title, but still kept the same blog. Now that our lives are changing once again, I will probably eventually add on to the title, but still keep one blog. I feel that it's just easier that way. Of course, while my blog's title's currently about our daughter, I have blogged about sorts of random things on there, so to me, it was never for just one purpose. Does that even make sense? :)

On another note, the adoption journey is so exciting!!! I pray that it is a smooth process for you guys!!!

LetterstoClaire said...

I am new to your blog but would like to say, how exciting!! I am a 1/4 Korean (My Mom is 1/2) and I've always considered adopting from Korea too. It's an important part of my heritage, as I'm sure it is yours, and is something you will be able to convey to your future baby. Good luck on your journey, I hope you don't mind but I'll be following along the way.