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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

8w4d with CB and 10 months without Bailey

Yesterday was such a bittersweet day.  On one hand, we got to see CB and see that he/she (we really think CB is a girl due to the Cuban predictor and also the Chinese thingy agrees, so don't be surprised if I just starting referring to CB that way) is a little wiggler!  We got to see her wiggling little arms and legs!  It was absolutely adorable!  We are right on track and actually measuring 2 days up from the last 2 visits.  Our first 2 visits placed our due date a October 9th, which according to my LMP is October 6th, and yesterday, CB was measuring at October 7th! 

And oh, that beautiful little heartbeat.  Beating strong and steady and 172 bpm.  That is the most beautiful music to any momma's ears.  Getting to hear the heartbeat of the precious little one that is growing inside of us.  My heart just melts.

We scheduled our first appointment with my regular OB yesterday for March 10th.  It will be the fabulous appointment where we get to answer about 200 questions.  Then we go back to my RE on the 14th for one more ultrasound with him.  I love my RE's office...he is so understanding about how hard this is for us, and he wants us to have piece of mind.  And then on March 22nd, we will have our first appointment with the MFM.  We should have our cerclage done that same week or the week after, because I will turn 12 weeks a couple of days after that appointment.

Test this on your little ones and see if it works...everyone I know close to me, it has proven true, and I'm curious if it proved true for you?  The Cuban method:  Take your age at time of conception + the month you conceived and add those 2 numbers together.  If it's odd it's a boy, if it's even it's a girl.   For example with Bailey:  I was 26 when we conceived and we conceived in December.  26+12 = 38.  38 is an even number = girl!  With CB:  I was 27 when we conceived and we conceived in January.  27+1=28.  28 is even = girl!  Did you try it?  Did it work for you?  Please let me know!  I'm curious!  :)

Here's a picture of CB on 2/28/2011.  My little wiggle-worm!

Even with all the happiness I felt yesterday, there was still some sadness.  Yesterday was 10 months that we've been without our little Bailey.  I still miss her dearly, but I know she is watching out for her little brother or sister.  I know she is helping us get through.  And I know that in 2 months we will be celebrating this precious little girl's 1st birthday, and that just blows my mind.  I remember being 2 months into this journey, not being able to imagine what it would be like to be a year out.  And now, we are almost there, and it just seems unreal.  It's just crazy.

I have hope and I have faith and I pray with every fiber of my being that CB is our take-home baby.  Bailey, honey, can you pull some strings and see if you can help us out with mommy's request?  Mommy and Daddy loves you and we miss you sweet girl, but we know you are watching out for CB.  Be good and don't cause too much mischief!



Elizabeth - said...

I tried it. The method works on both myself and my brother Kyle, but not Ryan. Ryan and I were conceived in the same month of the year (2) and our mom was an even numbered age when we were both conceived (20 & 24) but clearly...not the same gender. What may be interesting to note is that all the doctor's and nurses were convinced that Ryan was a girl and it was a shocker when he came out! Everyone told mom that it was going to be a girl, there was girl stuff picked out, yada yada, but mom said she felt all along it was a boy.


Allison said...

Sweet Bailey <3 I can't believe we are approaching a year. Last summer, I couldn't imagine what life at this point would be like. The grief was still so heavy. Bailey will always hold such a special place in your family. She must be so proud of her little brother or sister! I can imagine her watching over all of you! <3 I am so excited to hear how well CB is doing! Your doctors sound like they are being incredibly proactive too! I hope that they can provide you lots of reassurance on this journey.
Also, I did the method...It didn't work for Drew but it did work for BB. :) Sending you big supportive hugs!