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Thursday, June 16, 2011

24 Weeks - Viability!

It's amazing what one week will do for a person.  Heck, it's amazing what one DAY will do for a person.

Last Wednesday, the anxiety was extremely high, and I was so afraid that history was going to repeat itself.  But, as I woke up on Thursday morning, and realized we were further into 23 weeks than we were last time, I felt a little bit better.  As I woke up on Friday and realized we were a WHOLE day further than we were last time, I felt even more relieved.

And now, one week later, I am 24 weeks, and have reached what Doctors deem "viability".  If something was to happen and Cameron was born today, her chances of survival are 50 to 60 percent.  That is a HUGE leap over the 5 to 10 percent that we had at 23 weeks.

As a BLM though, I know it's not over til she is here, and safe and sound in my arms.  And these 40 weeks are just the start of the worrying...but for some reason, it seems like the worry is significantly less, at least for a little while, after I know she is here safe and sound.

So, what happens now that I am 24 weeks?  My Dr. is going to continue to see me weekly, more just for our peace of mind now.  She is wonderful and is willing to do whatever we want to do to make us feel better.  We will start the Fetal Fibronectin (fFn) test next week...we would have started it this week, but they prefer that you are at least 24 weeks, and plus, we had a little scare on Friday evening that sent us to L&D (It was just Round Ligament Pains), and they did one came out negative, by the way.  So, by doing the fFn test every 2 weeks, and hoping it comes out negative, because if it does, the chances of us going into labor within the next 2 weeks is less than 5%, that is just one more thing we can do to monitor me and make sure we make it to full-term, or at least somewhere close to it.

We will continue to see our MFM on the weeks in between the fFn test for cervical measurements to make sure there is no shortening.  So, we are being monitored very closely, and we are so grateful.  And finally, I continue to get the P17 injection weekly.  I have picked up my 3rd vial of the shot, and am 11 shots away from being done with those shots.  I don't know if we will plan on stopping early, since I plan on delivering at 37 weeks.  I guess we will see.

So.....Cameron and I are both doing well.  At our appointment this past Monday (23w4d), Cameron was measuring almost a week ahead and was weighing in at 1 pound 8 ounces!

We feel fortunate that everything is going so well this time, and we pray it continues to do so.


Allison said...

I am so happy everything is going so well and that you passed such a significant milestone. I hope the remainder of your pregnancy continues to go smoothly and that this fall you will be holding happy and healthy Cameron in your arms. Cheering her on and sending you loving support and encouragement! <3

Rhiannon said...

So happy that everything is going well and that they are monitoring you so closely! Keeping you and sweet CB close in my heart and hoping that things continue to progress uneventfully!!