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Thursday, July 21, 2011

29 weeks and first NST

Had our regular weekly Dr.'s appointment yesterday afternoon, and they asked about Cameron and movement.  Honestly, there are some days that my little girl is just rather lazy.  I think she takes after her daddy (hence my last post about our trip to L&D last week). 

My Dr. recommended we start bi-weekly NSTs (non-stress tests) until we can get in to start doing weekly BPPs (biophysical profiles).  The BPPs we can do in her office, but the NSTs we have to do at L&D.  So, we went yesterday after my appointment for my first one. 

We got there and got checked in, and the nurse came to get us and she asked what we were there for and I told her jokingly "because I have a lazy child".  Apparently she wasn't a joker.  She goes "So, what?  Decreased fetal movement?".  I explained to her we had that last week, and since she isn't a big mover some days my Dr. wants to start these.  Why does she care?  Do it because my Dr.'s office sent over the freaking orders lady!

The nurse was not very friendly (mind you, I've been at that hospital MANY times over the course of the last 2 pregnancies (more times this time than last time) and everyone is normally really nice, so this kind of perturbed me.  She got me hooked up, made me turn in a funny position in the chair because Cameron was not cooperating (shocker!) and then started asking me 20 questions.  See conversation below...Nurses questions/comments are in bold.  My answers are not.

How many pregnancies have you had?  4
How many living children do you have?  None
What medications are you on?  Prenatal, extra folic acid, colace...oh and I just had my weekly progesterone shot!
Do you drink?  No
Do you smoke?  No
Do you do recreational drugs?  No
Wait a says here that you had a previous c-section?  Yes, at 23 weeks.
But you said you have no living children?  Right
So?.....She didn't survive.
Oh my...I'm so sorry.

And magically, she was nicer to me!  What's sad is that it took her finding out I have a baby who died for her to be nicer to me.  What about the people who come in who have surviving children?  Do they still get the harsh, meanie treatment?

Adam said I was too hard on her.  I explained to him that I don't expect everyone to be nice to me all the time.  And I understand that not everyone on this planet knows my story.  BUT, she is a freaking nurse in LABOR & DELIVERY and needs to have a little bit nicer bed-side manner.  I expect that kind of treatment in the ER...not in L&D.  Pregnancy is scary even if you haven't been through everything we have, but it should NOT take someone finding out about a dead baby for them to be nice to their patient?

Am I over-reacting?

On another note, TODAY marks 29 weeks!  I'm pretty excited about that, because that means this is our last week in the 20's and we are only 8 weeks away from meeting Cameron!  So, you hear that little girl?  You only have 8 more weeks, and I don't expect to see you until then!  We are a week and a couple of days out from our family and non-work friends baby-shower and 2 weeks and 1 day out from my work baby-shower.  And I am actually starting to get excited about them both!  I never imagined us getting to this point, but we are really here now!


Priscilla said...

Definitely not over-reacting! I'm sorry you had to deal with that. Some nurses should find a better location than L&D when they lack bedside manner like that.

Yay to 29 weeks!!!!

Deanna said...

Yay to 29 weeks!!
Certainly not over-reacting, that treatment is what you get in the ER (I've been there) but should NOT happen in L&D. I am sorry it took sharing Bailey in order for her to be nice :(

Dana said...

I don't think you are overracting. I started disliking the nurse as soon as your started writing about her. I hope you don't see her again. And that conversation. You already said you have no living children, so why did she mention the c-section and and say "so?". Did she think you were lying when you answered the first question?

Congratulations on 29 weeks! I'm glad your doctor has ordered all the testing.

Rhiannon said...

I have started weekly NST/BPP's, too, and haven't had the best in nursing care. I think I just go in expecting too much but I feel that we (BLMs) are entitled to it and that these jack a$$es should be a little more sensitive or find a new job! :)

Cheers to 29 weeks!!!

Allison said...

Happy 29 weeks! How exciting!
I don't think you are overreacting either! Like you said pregnancy is incredibly scary and all woman should be treated with sensitivity and care. At least she was sensitive once she found out. I imagine there are some L&D staff who wouldn't have shown any emotion at all. It is so frustrating!
I am so so proud of Cameron (despite her stubborn laziness!) She is getting so close to being in mommy and daddy's arms! Big hopeful hugs!