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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Theory

I got my results today for my 3 hour glucose test that I took yesterday, and based on my results, it goes with a theory I have.  Today, I told someone that I had no doubt that I passed my 3 hour test, because they were able to draw my blood each time on the first shot.

I know you are probably wondering what I mean by that, and I will explain.

My theory is that if they don't get my blood on the first attempt, then I usually have bad results.  Here's why:

Pregnancy #1:  January 2008 - After getting a +HPT, I went in for my blood draw.  It took them multiple attempts.  I went in for my 2nd blood draw and again it took them multiple attempts.  The person who took my blood the first day remembered me the 2nd day based on the fact that I am a hard draw.  After draw #2, I started spotting, and miscarried the next day.

Pregnancy #2:  June 2008 - After waiting a week to call my Dr.'s office after getting a +HPT, I went in for my first blood draw.  Again, 2 sticks.  Went back for my 2nd blood draw and the person taking my blood actually came out to get me and said "I drew the short straw".  She said it as a joke, because everyone in the office remembered how hard it was to get blood out of me.  My results from the 2nd draw?  My levels were not increasing appropriately.  Ultimately, again, just like the first, I miscarried.

Pregnancy #3:  December 2009 - Every time I got my blood drawn, they got me first try.  Based on that, I felt better about the pregnancy from the get go.  And everything progressed exactly as it should.  Things went great until at 23 weeks, my cervix gave out, and into this world came Bailey...17 weeks too soon.

Pregnancy #4:  January 2011 - All blood draws for HCG levels were gotten on the first try.  Again, I felt good.  All routine blood draws so far this pregnancy have been gotten on the first try...EXCEPT for the glucose test...and it took 2 tries and resulted in 2 bruises that I still have over a week later.  And what happened on the 2 stick occurrence?  I failed my glucose test!  I should have known that result was coming!

But, going into the Dr. today, I felt good about the result she would give me, because I knew it was going to be good results...because the woman drawing my blood yesterday was able to stick me 4 times in the same vein and she got blood from me all 4 times.  And at my Dr.'s appointment today, my Dr. told me my glucose levels are in the normal range!  Hooray!

Everything else is cruising along at status quo.  Cameron's heartrate was 145 today, just where it normally is.  She's been active and bouncing around tonight.  My cervix is high, thick, and closed, and hopefully my fetal fibronectin comes back negative from today.

Tomorrow marks 27 weeks!  One month longer than we made it with Bailey, and 10 weeks away from meeting Cameron.  My baby showers are in the process of being planned and dates have been set.  I feel good and I am hopeful that we will make it to our 37 week delivery date on September 15th!


Allison said...

10 more weeks! Oh, I am so excited for you! <3 I think I would be requesting the best and most skilled phlebotomist the office has for future draws! It's bad enough to be a tough draw but even worse to have so much heartache associated with said draws!
Cheering on little Cameron! Genevieve is excited to play with her fellow rainbow! <3

Rhiannon said...

So happy that your results came back negative for GD! That is surely a weight off :) And yay for 10 more weeks! We are in that same time table with about 9 weeks to go. It just crazy that we are getting so close to having those sweet rainbows in our arms!

Jenny said...

I find it so funny that there are sooo many of us Loss mamas that are all due in September! That is so strange about the bloodwork! So glad you passed the 3 hour, its a miserable test and I was overjoyed when i passed as well!