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Thursday, August 25, 2011

21 days to go!

34 weeks today!  Hooray!  It's been an eventful week and I'm exhausted.  Where do I begin?  Okay, okay...let's start with the picture of the belly...Cameron is hanging out most definitely!

Okay - now that I have that taken care of...let's talk about my week...It's been a long one.  Let's start with last Friday and work from there...

Friday - Got put on antibiotics because my Dr.'s office thought I might have an infection.  Turns out, I don't, so now I get to take 7 days worth of antibiotics.  Tomorrow morning is my last 2 pills!

This weekend was rather normal.  We went to Babies R Us and bought some of the remaining items we needed.  Sunday we met a couple of friends that we haven't seen in a while and had lunch.  It was great to catch up with them.  Sunday evening, Adam had a business meeting for a side job, so we went to that.  And then, here comes Monday...

Monday morning - I got to work and didn't feel well.  I felt off and I was having pain, so we made the trip to L&D.  We had a nurse that for a lack of a better term was really just kind of a bitch.  I was NOT impressed.  This nurse made the nurse that put us through the ringer for our NST seem like a saint (which by the way...after talking to my Dr., we found out that the NST nurse is just VERY thorough).  So, Nurse B (her name really did start with a B, but you can insert the other word if you prefer) asked questions, but didn't ask the right questions...

Number of pregnancies?  4
Number of births?  This will be our second
Your having pain?  Yes, all in the front.
Is it normal pregnancy pain?  I wouldn't know...I've never been this far.  (The more sarcastic side of me wanted to say "If I knew it was normal, do you think I would be here?!).
What else are you here for?  I don't feel well...I feel off.
Off.  Hmph.

I was done with her at that point.  She had that crappy, insincere smile on her face, and that made me mad too.  Dr. W (who was on duty and is also the same Dr. that delivered Bailey) ordered a BPP and measurement scan.  It took the u/s tech FOREVER!  Honestly, I think I fell asleep while waiting on her.  The screen on the machine was horrible, and we couldn't see anything.  Tech at the hospital got Cameron measuring right on track...that concerned me, because our MFM has had her measuring ahead by 2 weeks for our last 3 appointments.  Dr. L (my Dr.) told us to go by what the MFM's office has said, because the machines at the hospital are terrible.

Cameron was a lazy baby during her BPP, so she didn't not get points for making big movements.  I still didn't feel well, so Dr. W came in and said that I might possibly be dehydrated, so they were going to stick me on some IV fluids...took them 3 tries...I LOVE my veins.  :P  We stayed to be monitored all afternoon and to get more fluids in me.  Fortunately, we were moved out Triage and given a different nurse...because if I would have stayed, I probably would have been exceptionally hateful to Nurse B.

I felt better when we left but was exhausted.  And I wasn't allowed to go back to work until I saw Dr. L on Wednesday afternoon. 

Dr. L let me go back to work starting today, so I am back to work and everything is somewhat normal.

We did however pack our bags for the hospital!  I'm glad to have it done, and it's all ready to go should we need to leave immediately.

By this time, in 3 weeks, we will hopefully be holding a healthy, living, breathing baby...and I'm excited, anxious, and nervous all wrapped up in one!


Rhiannon said...

I am sorry that you had such a bad experience but glad that everything is ok. Hard to believe that you only have 21 days left!!! I hope that they fly by :)

Allison said...

I am sorry you had such a rough week and a bad experience at the hospital. It sounds like Cameron is doing really well though! I remember Genevieve's measurements being really behind at her last ultrasound. I think now it was because she was about ready to come. :) I love seeing your cute baby belly and all of your packed bags. Her dress is beautiful! I can't wait to see those joyous first pictures. You and Cameron are in my thoughts and prayers!