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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Sixteen...two different ways this word hits home today.

Sixteen months since we said goodbye to our precious Bailey.

Sixteen days til we say hello (hopefully) to our rainbow baby Cameron.

I've never been one to figure out when numbers or paths would cross.  But, it hit me yesterday with this one on the way home.  I wasn't even really thinking about it (not in the fore front anyways), but apparently something in my subconscious was thinking about it.

It's amazing...16 months have seem like they have flown by...I can't believe it's been 16 months since our precious little girl grew her wings.  But, yet it's amazing that the next 16 days are probably going to draaaag by before we can meet our beautiful rainbow.

Time is an interesting thing.


Tiffany said...

15 days now! Hope they fly by!

Allison said...

Strange the way time works out. The realization of those coincidences always feels more like a sign from our angels. BB's 16 week is the day before Drew's 16 month. I hope that yesterday's anniversary was as gentle as possible. Bailey is looking over her mommy, daddy, and little sister! I am sending you love and counting down the days!

Rhiannon said...

Thinking of you, Bailey and Cameron. I hope that as you approach delivery that you feel Bailey close. I am counting down with you!! Sending love to you!! <3

P.S. I don't think you are weird at all for giving Cameron Bailey as a middle name in honor of her big sister. We actually did that too, gave Norah Harper's middle name in honor of her big sister. I don't consider that "reusing" as she is just being named after her and it is a way that they will always be connected.