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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

To Poop or Not to Poop?

To poop or not to poop?  That is the question.  That's right getting a pooping post.  Aren't you excited?

That's been the summary of my week so far.  Cameron is having issues going to poop.  Sunday we had to call the pediatrician's office because it had been about 30 hours since she had last pooped and no one got any sleep in our house on Saturday night because of how miserable the poor child was.  The nurse on call told us to give her a glycerin suppository.  So, off to the store Adam went and we gave her a suppository and it worked instantly!  She felt so much better and we had a really good night on Sunday night.

Monday, she was on the verge of another 24 hours, had horrible gas, and kept trying to push, but nothing was coming out.  Made us start wondering if we need to switch formula.  Adam called the pedi's office again.  Told them about Sunday, and when he mentioned the suppository, the response he received was "We don't condone that".  Excuse me?  Then we do you have someone telling people to do it?!  Neither of us are very happy right now.  And then they proceeded to tell him that they aren't concerned about a baby not pooping until it's been 3-5 days.  THREE to FIVE DAYS?  Are you kidding me?  I'm miserable by day 2 if I haven't pooped, what about my baby who can't tell me that she is miserable, and all she does is cry because it hurts so bad?!  So, basically, everyone has to be miserable before they will do anything about it?  NOT happy.

Cameron finally pooped again at midnight after 33 hours of nothing.  She SCREAMED from 9:30 to midnight, and then finally did her duty and was a happy baby again!  Slept like a freaking rock star.

We decided to take a field trip yesterday and went to see Dr. Reshef (my RE) and his nurse, stopped by one of the branches for the bank I work for, and then proceeded to go to Adam's work.  When we got to the hospital to see Dr. Reshef and Beverly, we knew it was diaper time and feeding time.  So we went in, and when we picked her up out of the car seat/stroller combo, we heard the world's largest fart ever.  Even someone who was sitting a good ways away from us heard it and he started laughing. 

I took her into the women's room and was not just was the most explosive bout of diarrhea...Poor girl!  Then she was STILL going!  So I was trying not to make a HUGE mess, but in the process of her straining, she started with the most forceful peeing attack I have seen and made a mess with her pee!  So, here I am, handling this ALL on my own, trying to block the still going poop, clean up the projectile pee before it gets all over her clothes, and not make a huge mess.  It was pretty comedic. 

Today, after 24 hours, she finally had another BM and seems to feel a little bit better, but last night was another rough night.  About halfway through the night, it go better, but she still was noticeably miserable.  The gas is still outrageous and we have to figure out how to help that (Little Tummys is not working for her and she is still too young for Gripe Water)...but, hopefully tonight will be a little bit better.

What have you tried to help your LO go poop or handle the gas?

Next post will have pictures.  I have to download them off of my phone and camera before I can post!


Michelle said...

Just a few things that I know. you can take it or leave it, your are the mommy! Danae, a lot of babies have to "learn" how to poop, that could be part of her issue, plus gas. I know some might condemn me, but Carter has always been a belly sleeper. Belly sleeping really helped with his gas and he slept better. grunting baby syndrome is probably part of the problem.

Katie said...

When my babies had troubles, I would gently rub their tummy, gently rotate their legs like they were bicycling, or gently bring their knees up to their bellies, then stretch the legs out and repeat by bringing knees back up to their bellies. It helped for gas, but not so much the pooping part. I hope she gets some relief soon! Does the doctor think perhaps a new formula would help? That was my first thought. Can't wait to see pictures! :)

Chelsea said...

I don't know you, but I just came across this post and thought I would share that we had the same trouble with my little one :( He would go 3-4 days without pooping and would be absolutely MISERABLE. He had terrible reflux and was on Similac Sensitive for Spit up, and apparently that can bind some babies up.
We used suppositories every other day if we had to, because he would SCREAM in misery otherwise. It broke our hearts, but always, after we used them he would fall asleep and sleep for a good 4-5 hours, really.
Although your story reminded me of the first time he pooped without help (well, not the first, but among the first) we were at Babies R Us and it went out of his diaper, into his carseat and ALL OVER his clothes. Me, being a new mom didn't have another outfit with me (long story) so we had to buy him new clothes while we were there. I feel your pooping pain though, mama. Luckily, it passed for us and he has no trouble pooping or with spitting up since about 7 months :) It gets better. Promise.

Anonymous said...

Gas drops!! I never used Little Tummys brand but Mylicon is fantastic (they could be different, it's worth trying)! We sometimes put it into our baby's bottle with the formula too.
You might want to switch formula all together.. we used soy at first and gradually worked up to a 50/50 soy/milk formula.

Violet1122 said...

When we needed our little guy to go poop - we would just take his temperature! Just use an old-fashioned rectal thermometer, put a bit of vaseline on the end and stick it in.

There is something about stimulating the muscles down there that helps to move things along.

Most of the time, this worked - and no medication required!

The only other thing I will say too, is that this is probably just a phase. Her little digestive system is learning how to work. So, some gassiness and exploding poop, and not pooping for days isn't totally unheard of.

That said, good luck! It's hard to listen to your sweet baby in pain, especially when there isn't too much you can do to help. I hope this phase passes quickly for her!