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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weeks 4 & 5!

Week 4 was the week of October 15th and I didn't get around to posting a new picture!  Nothing really exciting happened that week was par for the course!  I did go back to Weight Watchers during week 4...after my first week, I lost 4.6 pounds!  I do NOT foresee that good of results this coming week, but I also have my 6 week post-partum appointment and will hopefully be released to go back to the gym.  I've got a LOT more weight to lose!

Week 5 - It's been a LONG week.  I have finally accepted that Cameron is a colicky baby.  We have had some flat out miserable evenings...Friday being the worst of the all.  She cried pretty much non-stop (with only a few 5 minute breaks in there) from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.  I finally went to Wal-Mart at 9:00 p.m. and picked up peppermint extract to add to her bottle and that got her to settle down.  We were all exhausted and miserable.  We have also changed her formula to Enfamil Prosobee.  I found out on Friday that I was on soy formula for the exact same issues...that would have been good to know in the beginning!  So, now she is on Prosobee and we are also having to put Karo syrup in her bottle because now she is constipated.  We can't win for losing.

This week, the weather got cold, so it was time to break out the jeans and long sleeve t-shirts...(this is also her 5 week picture)

I told Adam on Thursday that I deserve the super-mom award of the day because 20 minutes before Cameron and I were supposed to leave the house, I go to change her clothes.  I find the most massive-explosive diaper that has caused her to have poop all the way up the inside of her onesie, up to her neck.  It's on her front, it's on her back, it is everywhere in there!  I go to change her diaper and her clothes and when I take her onesie off of her, I get poop all over her face and in her hair!  I clean her butt off, run and make her some bath water, give her the world's quickest bath (including washing her hair), get her dressed, blow dry her hair (yes, I blow dried her was in the 40's and I didn't want her to leave with wet hair, so I blow dried it on low), and was STILL out the door on time!  I even had to change my shirt because I had poop on my shirt too by the time it was done!  LOL!

Friday, my mom and Desiree came up and we spent the day together.  Desiree helped Grammy put socks on Cameron...

Then Desiree thought she needed to hold Cameron while Grammy actually did put the socks on her...

And we had a first happen on Saturday night at our house.  Cameron slept in her crib for the first time!  She spent all night in her crib on Saturday night (when she was asleep).  She did get up at 12:30 to be fed, and then again at 4:30, but she slept in her room!  I actually slept in my bed for a full night for the first time since probably June?  Adam had anxiety because of the monitor and the noise it makes, but I actually slept okay, because we have the Angelcare monitor system that monitors movement and if it doesn't register movement after so long, it sounds an alarm.  We know it works, because the first time we attempted to let her sleep in her room, it was a complete and epic fail and when I grabbed her out of the crib, I forgot to turn it off.  By the time I got back in the living room, it was screaming at me!

I only have 7 weeks of maternity leave left...I'm almost halfway through...hard to believe!  I've been re-reading the Twilight series in preparation for part 1 of Breaking Dawn to come out in the theatres on November 18th.  We won't go watch it that weekend because we are actually planning a trip to Ft. Smith to meet Drew's mom and her rainbow.  But, we have watched all the Twilight movies while they were still in theater, and I want to finish out the series that way!  Plus, Adam hates going opening weekend...:)

All in all, we are doing good over here in the Southerland house!  Time is flying by and before I know it, I will be back at work, and we will be figuring out another new normal.  It feels like the past 2 years of my life have been about trying to figure out what the new normal is going to be.  First as just me and Adam, then as grieving parents, and now as parents of a beautiful rainbow baby, but never forgetting our sweet Bailey.  Someday...we'll get this all figured out!


Allison said...

Cameron is a doll! I can’t wait to meet her! She is so so SO cute. I am sorry that she is having so many rough nights. Hopefully the new formula will make a difference. That is great that she slept through the night in her crib! What a big girl! The massive poop story made me laugh. I was also incredibly impressed that you got out of the house on time. Good job! :) We have trouble doing that on non-massive poop days! I look forward to meeting in November!

Rhiannon said...

I hope that the soy works. I was a colicky baby, too. Lactose intolerant and soy seems to be the savior. I am with you, where have these weeks gone?? Norah turned 2 months today and it is so hard to believe!!

Congrats on the weight loss. I should jump on the WW band wagon, I have a ton to lose.

Cameron is such a cutie! Yay for her sleeping in her room :)