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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Moving Updates

First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who commented either through Facebook or on my blog since my last post. You all have helped me in so many ways.

So, where are we now in the process? The people we no longer associate ourselves with have called City Hall and the monument place. We have talked to both and my dad has started the paperwork with the funeral home to have Bailey moved.

We have discussed our options and we have decided after talking to my Mamaw that Bailey will be moved to the cemetery plot that will be next to my Mamaw. We went on Tuesday to City Hall and we also purchased a lot (a lot = 5 plots) on the north side of my Mamaw's lot. So, our Valentine's Day (which I call a Hallmark Holiday) was spent by spending $800 on burial plots.

Bailey's headstone will probably be moved first and will be moved as soon as the ground is dry enough that the monument place can come out and move it. It is going to cost us $250 to have it moved. We definitely want to get it moved as soon as possible as there has been talk of it being "forcibly removed". If it is "forcibily removed" and something happens to it...use your imagination of my reaction.

Then, once everything is filed to have her moved (has to be approved by the State Health Department and then also by the County Health Department) then she will be moved to her FINAL place.

I'm doing better now that the week has progressed. I'm still exhausted though.

On a brighter note...Cameron is 5 months old now! She's growing like a little weed! I can't post any pictures right now because I am posting from my iPad, but I promise to get some up soon!


Violet1122 said...

Forcibly Removed??? Unbelievable.

I'm so glad you are feeling a bit better about everything, but I'm still so angry this is happening to you and to Bailey!

On a happier note - hurray for Miss Cameron! I really enjoyed months 5 and up - I think you have a lot of fun milestones to look forward to!


Hillary said...

I can not even begin to tell you how horrified I am for you that people you have called "family" would EVER use the words "forcibly remove" in reference to the grave of a child. (I'm sorry, I have to get up on my soapbox too...) You would certainly do right by never speaking to or seeing any of them again. I hope that everything goes smoothly now for you all. Prayers for your family!

My little guy will be turning 5 months on the 28th and I'm just so in love with how fun he is now. I know how much you must be enjoying your new little one!


Allison said...

What an awful experience. Every time I think about what you are going through, it makes me so angry. And the thought of her headstone being forcibly removed just infuriates me. How insensitive and downright mean are people going to get? I hope that the recent warm weather has made the move possible so that all of this can be over and you can begin to visit Bailey at her new resting place. Again, I am just so so sorry.

Allison said...

And happy five months to sweet Cameron! I can't wait to see more pictures...she is such a cutie! I look forward to seeing our little ones together again!