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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Eye Surgery Success!

I don't think that I ever posted that Cameron was going to have eye surgery.  She was a classic case of Infantile Esotropia, which means she was severely cross-eyed!

So, this past Thursday, Cameron had eye surgery on BOTH eyes.  She made a small incision on the inside of both eyes, detached the muscle, and reattached it 7 mm back from where it was.  This will allow her eyes to go to where they are supposed to be.

We checked into the Surgery Center at 6:15 a.m.  We met with the nurses, anesthesiologist, and her Dr. before she went in.  They took her back at 7:00 and we got called to the front desk at 7:30.  They told us she was done.  Her doctor said she did great and once she woke up we could go back to recovery with her.  They called us back at 7:45.  She was NOT a happy camper!  We gave her a bottle, and then shortly after 8:00 they told us we could go home!  So, we did! 

As soon as we got outside, she popped her eyes open and started looking around.  And then she cried!  Seeing bloody tears come out of her eyes was a little on the creepy side, but just seeing her eyes for that first time...there was a HUGE difference!  See for yourself....

Taken on 5/10/2012 - right before her surgery

Taken 5/10/2012 - evening after her surgery

Taken 5/13/2012 - 3 days post surgery and at Target

The worst part of the surgery was the 2 days after...we had to put drops in her eyes, and she did NOT like that!  In fact, we had tricked her on Thursday night and put the drops in while she was eating her last bottle.  Uh, Friday night...that trick didn't work.  She saw the eye drop bottle, launched her food bottle, sat straight up, and screamed bloody murder!  NOT fun!

It is highly likely that she will have to have another surgery later this year due to the severity of the cross, and it is possible she may have to other surgeries in a few years.  We'll cross those bridges when we get there.  But, the change has been amazing! 

For MONTHS we though she had colic (and she may have).  You name it, we probably tried it.  For the past 8 months, we have had the baby who screams every night.  Come 6:00 (used to be before), she would get horribly grumpy and scream.  It was all we could do to get through the last hour before her bedtime. 

Post surgery - she is so happy!  She plays and smiles...she watches EVERYTHING and is so observant!  She laughs at most everything!  We joke and say that it's like we traded in the grumpy version of Cameron and got the version that is happy!  We really do think she was probably having headaches which was what was causing the fussiness.  We'll see how long the happy version of Cameron lasts though!

And to top it off, today she is 8 months old!  Of all her pictures I tried to get this morning and this evening, this one is my favorite.  She looks exceptionally bored with this whole picture business!

Hurry up...okay mom?

Playing with her feet and tongue out...that's my girl!


Courtney said...

Love her! So glad to hear the surgery went well!

KAM said...

I had the same thing when I was born. They did surgery at three months. I didn't have to have another one until I was 30 (and then again after the preeclampsia - boo). Definitely glad to hear the surgery went well!

BuzimommiE said...

Cameron is such a beautiful baby! So happy that the surgery went well. And I just completely love her curly hair.
I am also happy to read that she is a happier baby at night. I hope that it was the headaches, and that she continues to enjoy her evenings.

Katie said...

Happy 8 Months to your sweet girl! She is so adorable, I just love her!

Allison said...

Happy 8 months (and a week), Cameron! I am so glad to hear that the surgery went well. The difference is amazing especially as time passes. I love her sweet expressions. What a cutie!

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