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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just Can't Believe It

This post is going to start heavy...but it will end positive! 

There are many things that I can't believe. 

I can't believe that I struggled with infertility for 2 years before even getting pregnant.

I can't believe I had two early miscarriages.

I can't believe that I am the mother to a beautiful baby girl I had to bury.

I can't believe 2 years has passed since we said "hello" and "goodbye" to Bailey.

I can't believe that I had the courage to go through pregnancy again after what we went through.

I can't believe that I am now the mother to a beautiful rainbow baby girl.

I can't believe that Cameron is now 8 months old.

I can't believe that as of yesterday, my 8 month old now crawls!!

I can't believe that as of today, my 8 month old pulls herself up to a standing position!

I can't believe how quickly it all goes!

The last 2 days have been VERY eventful in the Southerland house!  Cameron officially is a crawler!  Not the army crawl or scooting's the "take off on all fours and see what kind of mischief I can get into" crawl!  Her favorite item to crawl to?  Desmond's toys!  I swear...I think my dog puts his toys just out of reach from her so she will crawl to get them.  He knows what he is doing!

Then tonight, right before bath time, she crawls over to her exersaucer and pulls herself up to a standing position!  She was so proud!  And I have to admit, I am one proud mommy!  But, that means she is getting so big and before I know it, she's going to be walking and talking and causing all kinds of trouble!

I guess it is officially time to baby proof the house!


Rhiannon said...

Awe, go Cameron!! So exciting that she is crawling but look out mama :)

A lot of the things you mentioned earlier in your post still surprise me about my life, too. Big hugs.

Allison said...

I still sometimes catch myself wondering why I had to become a baby loss mom as if I could wake myself from a bad dream. So much has happened these past two years. Those heartbreaking months turned into the joy of having our rainbows in our lives. 2010 will always have a haunting presence as time passes.
Cameron is such an adorable baby! She is getting to be such a big girl! I can't wait to see you all again here soon!

Hannah Rose said...

I'm so glad you have your sweet rainbow here to help ease the pain of losing Bailey. But, I know that it will never go away. Your Bailey has a special place in my heart since she was born just a month after my Lily. our spring 2010 baby girls <3