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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cameron Turns Two!

A couple of weeks late...but, I've never posted anything in a timely manner...:)

How is it that Cameron is TWO?  Wasn't it just yesterday that she was this big?

Two years later....this is the beautiful little girl she has become!
Photo by Payton.Inspires.Me Photography

Brown hair, piercing blue eyes, and all the sass in the world!  And she LOVES Minnie Mouse!  So, since she LOVES Minnie so much, we decided to go with a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party this year!  It was a hit!

Minnie Mouse Cake by Crest...note to black icing on future cakes!

She was having NONE of this blowing out the candle business....

But, eating cake is okay!  :)
And here are some of my favorites from her Two Year photo shoot earlier that morning.  All photos are by Payton.Inspires.Me Photography!  Can't wait to have them printed and framed!

Happy Two Years to my sweet rainbow after the storm!  She's just the best!


In My Heart said...

A much-belated, but a Very Happy Birthday to Miss Cameron!
I remember when my rainblow turned 2. Now, she will turn 19 in a couple of weeks. Time Flies!!!

Hope ya'll are well.

Brie said...

So sweet! I've had limited Internet for a few weeks so I'm just now seeing this.. Hope she had a wonderful birthday!