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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

One Month til Go Time!

Our repeat C-section has been scheduled for December 12th for a while now.  I'll be 37w2d.  We delivered Cameron at 37 weeks due to my high anxiety, and we have decided to deliver Evyn around the same time.

Part of the preparation of delivering at 37 weeks with Cameron was to do betamethasone (steroid) shots to help better prepare her lungs.  We decided to do the same again this time with Evyn too. 

Luckily, we haven't been to triage any during this pregnancy...knock on wood!  By this time with Cameron, I can't tell you how many times we had was a lot though.  However, to get my steroid shots, I had to go to L&D to receive them.  My MFM told us not to do them earlier than 32 weeks and no later than 34.  So, I opted to do them at the end of last week, which put me between 32 & 33 weeks.  My regular Dr. submitted the order on Monday at my appointment and I went for my first shot on Thursday evening after work.  They came back and got me rather quickly and took me back to triage, and sat me in a room with a recliner.  I didn't make myself comfortable, because I honestly thought I would be in and's just a shot, right?

An HOUR later, they finally came and got me to administer the shot.  The nurse proceeds to interrogate me about why we are doing the shot.  Honestly, what does it matter to her?  I answered all the questions, even though I really didn't have to.  She takes me to another room and tells me I am going to lay on the bed.  That confused me...why do I need to lay on the bed for a shot that is going into my butt?  I did it though...she said it was because it made it easier to administer the shot.  I could tell no difference.  Seriously.

On Friday, I went back (since the 2nd shot has to be 24 hours later).  I wait in the waiting room for someone to come and get me, and a nurse comes back there and the first thing she says is "Let me explain how this works".  I just sat there and waited for her to "explain" to me how it worked.  She proceeds..."Since you got your last shot on the 4th".  I interrupted and told her that I had just gotten it the night before.  She proceeds to argue with me!  I can't stand this nurse anyways...she's the same one who used to give us a hard time about doing NSTs with Cameron so early because she was lazy baby!  I was soooooo annoyed!  I told her it took an hour the night before and she told me it would probably take just as long that night.  And it did.  But, I got the shot, and the nurse who actually gave the shot was super nice.  She asked a few questions, and agreed that we just want to do whatever we need to make sure the babies get her safe and sound!

It was an overall frustrating experience, but at least we have that part done. 

We now have the nursery most of the way done.  The crib and changing table/dresser have been in there for a while and set up.  I just needed to clean the room because it's been a junk room for the last 4 years.  I'm finally almost done!  I made the letters for her wall (which I think turned out great!) and they are hung.  All of her clothes are washed and ready to go.  We have to get the swing and car seat down from the attic and wash all the covers on it, but we are slowly, but surely getting there!

 I feel ginormous, but here's a belly pic from 31w2d (almost 2 weeks ago)...

But, we are in the home stretch and getting there.  I still have Christmas shopping I have to do, and would like to be done by the end of the month, but I don't know that it's happening...but, I am sure going to try.  We also have a breastfeeding class starting next week (2 nights)...we also still have to pack much to do and so little time!


Brie said...

Thanks for the update. I've been thinking about you! Love the chevron name plaques for Evyn.

Home stretch...let's slide on in to home base now!