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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Forgive me...I'm going to whine for just a bit...I started this post last week, and got sleepy and didn't finish it. 

We had decided early on that this pregnancy would be our last as long as everything ends the way it should.  The further we progress into pregnancy, the more sure I am every day. 

Evyn is doing great (other than being on the chunky side...just like her sister was!).  But, 3 pregnancies in 3 years has taken a toll on this poor body of mine. 

Most days I struggle to walk.  It's a physical, debilitating pain.  I seriously look like I am about 95 years old when I get up and start walking.  My Dr. thinks I may have a slipped pelvic bone, which could be fixed with physical therapy...but with as big as Evyn is, she suspects it would happen again before delivery. 

A week after that REALLY started bothering me so left wrist, hand, and sometimes full arm started hurting.  My Dr. thinks it's pregnancy induced carpal tunnel.  Let me tell you how much fun it is...IT'S NOT!  It HURTS!  Once my arm started hurting, my pelvic bone started feeling better.  Since Friday though, I've had relatively no pain in my wrist or arm, which has been great!  However, it seems as if I can't be pain free at all...because the pain in my pelvic bone...yeah, it's back...and full force.  But, I'll be honest...I would rather it hurt than my wrist and arm.  At least when my pelvic bones hurt, once I move for a little while, it gets better.  The wrist and arm...there's not relief when it hurts.

I'm cherishing every moment of this pregnancy as it is going to be my last...but, I wish I could do it without all the pain...But, I guess isn't the saying "no pain, no gain?". 

This too shall pass...I just may whine throughout it.  :)


Brie said...

Carpal tunnel is quite common during pregnancy. Increased water retention and swelling puts pressure on the nerves. I had it with my last pregnancy, and once I delivered I had relief, only to get demure wins tendinitis in my wrist a week after Sal was born (from the way I cocked my wrist to hold Sal's neck). I am hoping to escape both issues this time around, but I do have the pelvic pain..mine is more of my groin on both sides. I want to walk around all day holding myself but I'm thinking I might get some odd looks, lol.

Brie said...

Demure wins? Stupid autocorrect. Dequervains tendinitis