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Friday, January 3, 2014

Goals for the New Year

With the new year always comes goals and resolutions.  This years goals remain very similar to goals I have had in the past...but, in a conversation that Adam was having with a co-worker (I'm calling her co-worker, even though she doesn't directly work with him), something rang true to me.  She was telling him that her girls had asked her what her New Years Resolutions were, and she told them she wasn't setting any.  When they asked why, she explained to them that she is at a point in her life that if she wants something, so just makes up her mind and goes for it.  She said she has 365 days of fresh starts that she can set a goal whenever she wants.

I've always known that to be true, and why we pick the start of the New Year to really "set" these goals is beyond me, but even still, here are my goals for this beautiful no particular order, because these are things that will all be worked on simultaneously.

1.  Get back into the church.  One thing that Adam and I have struggled with over the years is going to church.  We go back and forth.  Part of the reason is we haven't found a church we like.  Another part is we were raised under different denominations.  He finds the denomination I was raised under as "weird" and I find his equally as weird.  I want my girls to grow up going to church, but I need to do it in a setting where it is low-key and not a lot of attention being on me.  I'm just weird like that.

2.  Weight loss (as always).  This will be the first time in years that I will be losing weight and will be doing it for me and no other reasons.  Last year I started losing weight for me and my health, and after I lost about 30 pounds...Surprise!...pregnant with Evyn.  One thing we have found is that I drop weight and we get pregnant.  That is a non-factor this time around, so I hope to be able to lose and get back to my goal weight and comfortable in my own skin again. 

3.  Getting fit.  This goes hand in hand with #2, but deserves it own thing.  I can lose weight without exercising, but I am more successful when I do exercise.  And one thing that goes with #3, is I want to participate in some 5K races, and hopefully by 2015, participate in a half-marathon, if not a full marathon.  I can do it...I know I can.  Once I get determined to do something and set my mind to it...I'm pretty unstoppable.  :)

4.  Finances.  I have mentioned Operation Pay Crap Off multiple times.  Within the next month, we will pay off our last credit card.  We intend on listing and hopefully selling our house this year.  IF we sell this year, that will lead to some HUGE changes for this little family.  It will include building a new house on our land and while that happens, we will be cramming 2 adults, a 2 year old, an infant, and a spoiled rotten dog into a little bitty apartment.  Yes...we may have lost our minds.

5.  Be a better parent.  I need to learn the art of patience.  I need to be more present. 

Lots of goals and lots of plans for this new year.  2014 is going to be a good year...and I look forward to what it has in store for us.