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Request a Name Written in Rose Petals

While we were in the hospital (and even at home afterwards), we received multiple rose bushes to be planted in our flower bed, and bouquets with roses in them. After the flowers died and the roses dried, I took all the petals and put them into 2 glasses bowls from our wedding. Those bowls filled with the petals are sitting on our mantle next to pictures of Bailey.  Just as all we have left of Bailey is a memory box, some pictures, and the precious memories...all we have left of these roses are the dried petals.

After Bailey's death, I have been trying to think of a way I could contribute to this "community" of parents with little ones who were taken all too soon from this life.  I have been inspired by the moms and dads who have done kind things for me such as:  carving a name in a tree, lighting candles, or releasing balloons.  I am obsessed with seeing Bailey's name written in any way possible, and I thought there might be others who feel the same. 

So, I wanted to offer Names Written in Rose Petals to anyone who would like to have their baby's name written. 

To request for your little one's name be written in rose petals, please send an e-mail to .  The names will be posted on my blog in the "Rose Garden of Names" once complete.  I can also send you the JPEG image to be used however you want.

Requests are CLOSED for the time being.  I am really far behind on doing names and have a list I need to work on.  For those who are waiting, I am sincerely sorry for the extremely long delay.