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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard 2011

Oklahoma has received "the Blizzard" of 2011 and it takes me back to "the Blizzard" of 2009.  Christmas Eve 2009, we got record amounts of snowfall.  Adam and I had been in our house for just a month.  Christmas was so important that year, because we had planned on telling my parents that we were pregnant.  And the blizzard about ruined it all. 

But, my mom and dad came to the rescue, and drove for 7 hours to pick us up and take us back with them.  The drive they made normally only takes 2 hours round trip.  I had a HORRIBLE headache by the time we got there, and after we opened presents, we made our announcement.  It was special.

This year...the blizzard has us at home, snowed in, doing not much of anything.  I should be working on poofies for my quilt and for potholders, working on the recipe book, so we can raise more money, but I'm being lazy and not really doing anything.  It's noon, and I've worked on a few poofies, but mainly what have I done?  I've played on Facebook and taken a nap. 

It's a lazy day...


BuzimommiE said...


Elaine said...

this is going to sound really ignorant but I had no idea it even snowed in Oklahoma!! lol glad you got a day of rest though. tomorrow is our big snow day and i have to go to work :(

Allison said...

I am glad that you were able to have a lazy day, but I was sad to think about how much happy anticipation you had during the last blizzard. I bet your parents were so thrilled that Christmas. :)
I finally decided which recipes I will be sending! I will get those to you by the end of the week!
Sending you big big hugs! xoxo