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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Scary

Pregnancy is supposed to be exciting and fun...but, let's be honest...none of my pregnancies have really ever been just that.  My first 2 were short-lived, my third was a nerve racking experience until I got out of the first trimester and then at 23 weeks my world got turned upside down.  And this pregnancy has been not as eventful as Bailey's, but let's face it, it's just pretty darn scary.

At 9w4d with Bailey, I had unexplained bleeding that landed me on bedrest for 2 days.  At 9w4d (Monday) with CB, I had tightness in my abdomen and then a horrible lower backache and cramps that landed me in the emergency room to make sure everything was okay.  CB was bouncing away on the monitor (for the brief second we saw) and all tests for infection and UTI came back negative.  Some people might think, "really, a trip to the ER for a lower backache and tightness?"  I will go to the ER every week if something doesn't feel right and it's after hours at my Dr.'s office, just to know CB is okay and that neither one of us are in danger. 

A follow-up with my RE's office yesterday, left me feeling better because CB was a bouncy little one and my cervix measured double what they expect.  My instructions are to hydrate, stay off of my feet, and call if I need ANYTHING.  There was talk of bedrest...but we avoided that for the time being. 

Can I say again that I LOVE my RE's office?  My Dr. and his nurse are wonderful.  I often feel like a pain in the butt to them, but after talking to them both yesterday, my nurse told me to NEVER hesitate if I need to call.  She told me when she checks her voicemail and hears that I have called, I am top priority to call back, because they know how hard it's been for me.  In a way, I hate being "that patient" but at the same time, I felt so much better to know that I am not as crazy as I thought.

Next appointment is with my regular OB's office on Thursday.  I'll only see the nurse and will get asked probably 200 questions, but my 1 question for them is:  What will be different with them in regards to seeing me this time around?  I'm already going to a high-risk Dr., but is that it?  Or will they monitor me closer too?

I just don't want to go through the next 30 weeks (probably a couple less) scared and feeling like I am walking on egg-shells.  I want this to be exciting and fun.  And more importantly, I want to bring home more than just a memory.


Julie said...

i want it to be fun for you, too, and i want that baby safe in your arms in 30 weeks. thinking of you. so glad your doctors are supportive.

Elaine said...

It is really hard to make it fun. I worry over every little thing and have been to the hospital three times! I'm glad you have a supportive health care team, it really makes a big difference.

Allison said...

Your RE and nurse sound amazing! I am so glad that you have such a supportive group of doctors helping you and CB throughout this journey. I wish we could be in a place of bliss throughout our pregnancies. The fear is so overwhelming at times. I want you to have many happy moments throughout your pregnancy and to come home with CB in your arms! Sending you lots of support and love!