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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

First Dr.'s Appointment

Today, we had our first Dr.'s appointment of many to come. We met with our RE to discuss what would be next. We discussed what happened, what may have caused my pre-term labor, and what we may be able to do to fix it for next time.

Our RE recommended we do the exact same regimen we did to get pregnant with Bailey. We will also repeat the HSG test in 8 weeks (first cycle to try again) to make sure my septum is not an issue. If it is, we will do another surgery. If it's not, we continue on. He recommended we see a high-risk Dr., which we already had planned on, and have our first consult scheduled for June 9th. Once we are pregnant again, we will have to see the high-risk Dr. throughout the entire pregnancy. This, I am okay with.

I'm starting back to Weight Watchers tomorrow in hopes of losing some more weight prior to getting pregnant again. This helped last time, and I hope it will help again.

All in God's time...all in his hands. We just have to have a little faith.