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Friday, July 2, 2010


I watch mindless television in the mornings.  I know there are more importants things to watch, like the news, but I don't.  So, this morning, as I am sitting on my couch, watching a "Boy Meets World" re-run, I had forgotten about this particular episode.  (And, yes, I am aware of the scale of my dorkiness for watching this crap in the mornings...)

In this episode, a new baby brother had been born into the Matthew's family, and was in the NICU, because he was so small and having problems breathing.  The Dr.'s did everything they could do for him, and now "it was up to him".  Every talks to him and prays for him, and at the end of the show, everything is better. 

As I sat and watched, I cried because if only for a brief moment in time, I understood their pain.  But, in the end, I was angry, because although it's a t.v. show, and sometimes in real-life people do get that happy ending, and get to take their babies home, I wonder, why didn't I get to?  I was so angry that wonderful people who I have met on this journey, didn't get that wonderful, happy ending.  They didn't get to take their babies home. 

Why can't we have the happy endings like the t.v. shows?  Why can't things always turn out okay?  Why does there have to be this heartache and this pain? 


Angel's Mummy said...

because honey, most of the time tv is not reality. do you ever watch a movie or something and know what is going to happen before it does? I have given up watching sooo many things on tv!!
I wish you and I and everybody else had their happy endings ;-(