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Sunday, June 6, 2010

How will you remember me?

The lesson in church was about Remembrance. And a question asked was "How will you be remembered?" And it got to me to wondering...if I were to leave this Earth today, how will I be remembered by my family and friends?

Will I be remembered as a good person? Will I be remembered as the person who lost her child? I suddenly realized today, that I have no idea what people's perception of me is. I am no great person...I don't stand out in the crowd. I'm not always the kindest to people I don't know, but I always try to be there for family and friends. I'm not a social butterfly...I don't shout my beliefs from the rooftop. So, if I were gone, would I have even made an imprint on this world?
It's amazing that after 27 years of being here on this Earth, I don't know how people would remember me.

I know that in Bailey's short time on this Earth, she was loved by many. She was loved by her mommy and daddy, all of her grandparents, great-grandparents, and a slew of other family and friends. Will they always remember her though or will the memory fade away? I know she will ALWAYS be remembered by me, her daddy, grandparents, and a few others. But in passing years, will others still remember? If we are blessed to have another child, will they continue to remember?

I will never forget...I will always remember...


Anonymous said...

Nae nae.. I can in no way understand how you are feeling on having lost your little angel Bailey.. But I do know what you mean about wondering if people remembering the one that is so important to you and has been taken away so quickly.. I wonder how often people think of coco.. I know that I think of her and miss her every day.. And I will until the day that we are together again..

Julie said...

i always worry about people forgetting my kenny. i think about your bailey and all the angel babies of my angel mama sisters constantly. she will not be forgotten!